Hello! Thanks for visiting. My name is Scott and I live in sunny Orange CA, about 10 minutes’ drive from the Happiest Place On Earth. Why did I create this site? One simple reason…



Ever since my first visit to Disneyland as a 6-year-old wide-eyed child, I’ve been what many affectionately refer to as a “Disney geek” or more accurately, a DisneyLAND geek!

Every year in early November, my dad’s employer would hold their annual company night at Disneyland. We went every year for most of my recallable youth.

I remember the almost unbearable week’s long anticipation as the date approached… the pure unbridled excitement during the hour+ long drive to the park (I lived a little further away back then)… and the blissful feeling of walking through the tunnels under the Disneyland Railroad to enter the park… and the over-too-quickly fun that followed. The annual pilgrimage to Disneyland was quite simply the best day of the year for me. Except for those years when we’d go twice!



I’ll never forget my first Matterhorn Bobsled ride at age 6 – my dad had to bribe me with ice cream as I was a bit apprehensive never having ridden ANY kind of roller coaster – but he gently insisted and calmed my nerves telling me I’d love the experience. My first words upon leaving the ride – “LET’S GO AGAIN!!” Since then, that ride has always been the centerpiece of the Disneyland experience for me.

I remember riding Pirates Of The Caribbean and the Haunted Mansion for the first time after they opened – rides that had been promoted HEAVILY on Walt Disney’s “The Wonderful World Of Color” TV show during their construction. “Magical” doesn’t adequately describe the feeling of experiencing a Disney ride for the first time but those experiences were exactly that and more.

The real testament to the Disney magic lies in the simple fact that I’ve been on these rides COUNTLESS times over the years. I could describe to you every detail, recite every spoken word from the ques and ride content, sing every song etc. and yet, EVERY TIME, the experience remains… MAGICAL.

Well, somethings just don’t change. I’m STILL a Disneyland Geek! I still get that rush before a trip and being there feels like home away from home. For me, it’s always truly been “The Happiest Place On Earth”. I’d like it to be for you too and to that end…



This site is intended to be a go to source for information on the Disneyland Resort. Everything from ways to save money during your visit to which rides are best for your toddler to remembrances of long gone attractions. I will share with you my best tips and secrets for a perfect visit and attempt to pass along my love of this magical place.

I want this site to get you pumped for your trip and help you have the best experience possible so you too come away feeling the “Disneyland geek joy”!

THEME PARK MOUSE is also a place for you to share your Disneyland memories and experiences. Please feel free to tell us about your favorite moments, offer your own tips, ask questions or make suggestions for the site in the comments section below.

There are always new features planned for the site so visit often and see what’s new!

See you at the park soon!


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